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How Incorporation Can Help a Startup

Startup founders face many questions during the process of turning their dreams into a viable, money-earning business. One of the most important questions that must be addressed in the process involves the legal structure of the company. Business owners need to decide whether or not to incorporate their business. Types of Corporations No two business […]

How to Enhance a Job Hunt Using Social Media

Many job agencies are using social media for recruiters as a way of sourcing the¬†most talented individuals. As such, it makes sense to get ahead of the game now, by¬†following these simple steps in order to boost your online social media profile. There are several super-smart ways in which you can enhance your job hunt […]

Is Your Startup Considered “High Risk”?

All startups are high risk, in a sense. But some startups fall under the formal definition of “high risk,” where finances are concerned. These are the startups that deal with travel booking, adult encounters, e-cigarettes and vaporizers, and other designated “risky” financial transactions. Banks often do not want to do business with startups that deal […]