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CES 2013

When You Say Jump Vert Says How High VIDEO INTERVIEW

One of the coolest startups we found at Eureka Park as part of CES 2013 last month was a startup called MayFonk Athletic and their app called Vert. It’s kind of a fitness app combining a piece of Bluetooth enabled hardware with a smart device app. However, Vert is specific to one thing, and that […]

Interview With Mark Cuban Backed Techstars Grad Condition One VIDEO

Condition One is a New York Techstars graduate that closed a $2.35 million dollar round back in October, led by Mark Cuban. Academy award nominated photographer and videographer [Danfung Dennis]has seen his work in Newsweek and the New York Times. He’s been hailed for shooting some of the best war footage ever seen. That’s in part […]

Jhoombox A Set Top Box That Sings!

Washington DC startup Jhoombox has made the Android based set top box a lot more fun.  In addition to doing the things that most set top boxes do, like provide access to Netflix, Hulu and a slew of other web based services, Jhoombox has a full featured Karaoke system as well. Jhoombox’s combination of hardware […]

Holografyx A New Way To Display For Brands And Marketers

A few weeks back when we were at CES 2013 we saw a nifty new startup from Canada called Holografyx. Earlier this month we brought you an interview we did with Russian startup Displair. Their technology created a multi touch display in thin air, which could be the wave of the future. Holografyx is also […]

gDoc Has Binders Full Of Docs, CES 2013 Eureka Park Interview

This UK startup called gDoc has binders full of docs. There Windows based platform allows users to create virtual electronic, cloud based binders that keep docs, pictures and other files grouped together in project binders. Within the binders themselves, and just like physical binders, users can make tabs and sections so that big projects can […]

R360UND Is The Ultimate Go-Pro Companion Video Interview At CES 2013

Adrenaline pumping, action sports videos have taken a new place in the active sportsmans life thanks to things like Go-Pro. You could spend months watching GoPro videos on YouTube. You’d see people climbing mountains, surfing big waves, ski-ing, ski jumping, sky diving and more. But even with the best technology, and all the best Go-Pro […]