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Why The Lone Visionary is a Myth


did not expect to see a wild lone wolf in my life. 2008 rocks.

From WSJ Accelerators

In the startup world, there are always brilliant designers without many leadership skills. To illustrate how this plays out, I’ll tell the story of a NibzNotes23fictionalized character named James.

Everyone who knows James knows that he is a brilliant designer, including James. Especially James.  Yet he is on his fifth startup and it, too, is heading toward failure.  At this rate, the world may never benefit from his vision of the long-promised “smart home” with all of its systems automated, interconnected and accessible remotely from the internet.

After an introduction through a mutual friend, James dropped in to do some networking and – so I thought – to seek some advice. Early in our conversation he fervently asserted a credo I’ve heard from many an entrepreneur-designer: “If you want to have a major impact on the world, you must never compromise your vision,” he said. “Steve Jobs taught us that.”




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