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The Secret to Changing the Future


 Miss A Writes a Song

From Chris Devore

Last week I spoke on a panel at a World Financial Symposium event in Seattle. I arrived a little early and was rewarded with a great talk by Brian David Johnson, a


“futurist” at Intel.

Johnson had interesting things to say about both the process of “futurecasting” and a few of his specific predictions, but the idea that stuck with me was his closer (I took a photo of the slide to make sure I got it right):

Q: How do we change the future?

A: Change the story people tell themselves about the future they will live in.

This deceptively simple statement captures a fundamental truth about leadership — whether as a parent, as a manager, or as a community advocate:

Consistent, positive actions spring from a coherent sense of identity — a self-reinforcing set of internal narratives about how people like this behave in circumstances like that.