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China Finally Clears Google’s Acquisition Of Motorola Mobility Months After US And Europe

The mobile industry was taken by storm with the news of Google acquiring Motorola Mobility last year. This brought together Google, the company who created and produces the Android OS that we all know and love, and Motorola, one of the top Android manufacturers with several highly successful devices including the original DROID which launched Android 2.0.

There were some issues though, as a lot of analysts were predicting that this acquisition would have some trouble getting cleared. It also spawned the ideas of other Android OEM’s such as Samsung, HTC, and LG having much worse relations with Google and Motorola, and that Google could possibly play favorites with their new hardware company. These rumors were soon put to rest by Google, Motorola, and the other manufacturers themselves. This brought the reason for the acquisition to light, that the main reason Google acquired Motorla Mobility was for patents. With Apple constantly giving Android device manufacturers trouble with things like patents, there couldn’t have been a better idea than to stock up on patents through the Motorola¬†acquisition.

A few months back, both the US and Europe cleared the deal for the two companies, and now the last thing standing in Google’s way has as well. China has also cleared the acquisition which means the two companies will be able to finally make this thing official very soon. In fact, Google has released a statement saying that they should finalize things as early as next week, and Motorola Mobility will officially be a part of Google.


Source: Engadget  

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