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Flud The “Instagram For News” Raising $8 Million Dollars Heads To Android


San Diego based startup Flud, a social news reader app for iPhone is does a great job of differentiating itself from other news readers like Taptu and Pulse.

They do this by allowing users to create profiles join the platform and share their news with others in their network. The UI is very polished and some in tech circles are calling Flud, the Instagram for news.

Sure everyone has access to the same internet and the same news stories but the way people curate the news is what makes some blogs and most news aggregates so popular.

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Flud’s social element makes it exponentially different than every news reader out there.  As users grow their social network within the platform it becomes more valuable. To me it spins the news similarly to the way does.

“When you give people a profile in a specialized network so they can share content with each other, you start to see interesting things in interaction,” Flud co-founder and CEO Bobby Ghoshal told Venture Beat in an interview.

Ghoshal told Venture Beat that they are in the process of going for a funding round between $5 million and $8 million dollars.

Flud started out prematurely in the Android market however they pulled it out, rebuilt it and the new version is now available in the Google Play Store.  Its also available in the iOS app store.

Source: Venture Beat

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