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Startup Quick Byte: Buddy Beers

For Startup Quick Byte we’ll take a look at Buddy Beers based out of Berlin Germany. Buddy Beers takes being a friend to the next level by enabling people from even countries away to buy drinks for their friends. The concept is pretty easy, you buy a drink for your friend with the app, they’ll then receive an email and link to the app, if using an iPhone. Show the bartender at the bar in question, then hit redeem and you are now just waiting for the bartender to make the drink your friend just bought you.

How long are the vouchers valid?

Six months

Can I buy drinks for myself?

Of course! Just choose your own email instead of a friend’s.

What does it cost me to buy a drink through Buddy Beers?

Our service is totally free for you. You pay exactly the same price as a real drink in the location you chose. Some of our partnered locations even give discounts for Buddy Beers users!


Currently right now it’s iPhone only, however an Android version is in the works. They can be downloaded from the iTunes market now.


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