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New Mobile Healthcare Start Up Gets $7.5 Million In Funding For Doctor Video Replays

Have you ever gone to a doctor’s appointment, and after waiting an hour in their waiting room and spending 8 minutes in the doctor’s care, gotten home just to forget what the doctor ordered? Well apparently this happens to a lot of people. That is the fundamental idea behind a new mobile healthcare start up called Jiff.

Jiff allows doctors to make quick video presentations based on recommendations with voice, video, charts, drawings and more. These video replays can be stockpiled for typical diagnosis or customized based on the doctors and patients needs. Than, the HIPPA compliant app can send the videos to the patient’s email address so they can review it later, over and over again.

Jiff hopes to solve the problem of follow up phone calls because the patient couldn’t recall the conversation, freeing up doctor’s time for follow up phone calls with further problems and complications and other ways of assisting patients.

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Jifftalks are produced on the iPad using an app called JiffPad. While JiffPad is their first app, they are planning on using the money made in the $7.5 million dollars raised in this first round of financing to produce more apps and connect payors, providers and consumers in ways that were never possible before Jiff.

Jiff also announced their first CEO Derek Newell, former CEO of Robert Bosch Healthcare.

“Jiff has created a healthcare social network and digital health apps platform that has the power to transform how we experience healthcare,” said Vince Kim, partner with Aberdare Ventures. “It’s rare to find a team that is so deep in both consumer Internet technology design and healthcare. They are producing truly innovative products.”

“As consumers and the health care sector grapple with the best uses of social media, digital health applications and mobile devices, Jiff will offer a secure and private digital health platform that is centered on the individual, not any one institution, and it is a technology that can scale to millions of users,” Newell said.

Newell added, “To dramatically increase consumers’ engagement and ownership in their own health, we must make it easy. Jiff is bringing that elegance of design to healthcare. That’s why the company is called Jiff, ‘Healthcare communication in a Jiff.’ Simple. Elegant. Intuitive. Jiff is bringing that elegance of design to healthcare.”

Source: mobilehealthnews

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