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Mark your calendars for Oct 4th for Apples next press conference

According to John Paczkowski over at All Things D, October 4th is when Tim Cook will be live for his first press conference as new CEO to announce the iPhone(?). They are also stating that the phone then should be released within weeks which makes sense as the time table we’ve been hearing as of late. However with the rumored issues with the touch-screen possibly delaying it no one as of now has any idea of the date of release.

Also according to sources unlike Jobs presentations from years past, Cook will be getting some help this time

He’s sure to have help from Apple lieutenants, such as marketing head Schiller, iOS chief Scott Forstall and Eddy Cue, recently named SVP of Internet Software and Services.

So will you like many others be searching the net for the stream? I would say I am but we’ll be covering Adobe Max live so hopefully someone can fill me in on what happens.


Source: All Things D



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