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StartupBus Kick-Off Party July 8th in San Fran

What do you get when you add some beer, a bus, a bunch of hackers, pizza, coffee, Mountain Dew and ideas?  The Start Up Bus, why that’s what!

The StartupBus is the brain child of Elias Bizannes who thought if you throw a bunch of entrepreneurial minded hackers into a moving bus they could come up with excellence, and they have.  The start up bus started in 2010 as a half baked idea by Bizannes to take a bus full of likeminded individuals from the bay area to sxsw to launch their start ups.  Well apparently this idea caught on and people began to blog about it. This left Bizannes having to find a bus and actually do the trip.

Fast forward to 2011 and this time he had multiple buses from across the country all leave just before SXSW and launch their ideas at SXSW. The catch though, whatever was launched had to have been created on the bus.  The busriders formed teams after deciding on the project.  Some members would code the back end, some would code the front end. Other team members would jump on the phone with their colleagues, investors, friends and potential users to drum up excitement.

Sleep is evidently not an option. This is the mother of all hackathons on wheels.

Tomorrow StartupBus is launching the next phase of the start up bus at it’s new headquarters, the start up house.  If you’re in the bay area and a start up minded individual you can bet that the Start Up bus launch party will be worth checking out.  StartupBus has some very exciting news they will be sharing on site tomorrow night. If you can’t make it to the event check here Saturday morning!

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